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Patricia A. McKillip’s writing is often described as ‘ethereal.’ If you’ve read really anything by her you would be nodding your head. In her most recent anthology, DREAMS OF DISTANT SHORES, we are treated to her lovely prose, with a collection of stories that are surprisingly different. They are alternately strange and silly, but all are thought-provoking. (more…)


Giveaway: Champions of Aetaltis

Posted: May 20, 2016 by Vanessa in Giveaways


Update 5/20/2016: Tim from Decatur is our winner. Congrats! Thanks to everyone who entered.

The newly released CHAMPIONS OF AETALTIS is an anthology of fantasy stories by some of today’s most notable authors. The publisher has graciously offered a hardcopy to one of our fantastic readers. To enter this giveaway:

1. Email us at

2. Include the following on the subject line: Champions Giveaway

3. In the body of the email include your name and mailing address. This giveaway is only available to U.S. addresses if you want a hardback. I might be able to convince the publisher to send an e-copy to an entrant outside the U.S. via email, just let us know if that’s the case.

Giveaway rules can be found here. Entries will be accepted until midnight of May 19th and the winner will be posted on the 20th. Good luck!

And don’t forget to check out Dan’s review here.

championsWhilst in the midst of reading this anthology I was reminded of a concept that is occasionally important for me to revisit. That is the idea that my opinion is not everybody’s opinion, AND (a twofer for the masses…) there can frequently be a wide range of goodness separating multiple stories written by a single author. Thus, as a reviewer, it’s my job to give an honest review of what is given to me, and, quite honestly, to enjoy what is given to me as a reader, plain and simple. For it is when I forget that I am a reader that I lose the view of who these stories were meant for. Maybe a little deep for an everyday book review intro. I seem to be on a kick lately though. So, if you must, TLDR; this bit and jump straight into the good stuff.

papermenagerieBefore Ken Liu wrote novels (see Nick’s review of THE GRACE OF KINGS here), he wrote short stories, several of which won notable awards. THE PAPER MENAGERIE AND OTHER STORIES is a compilation of not only his award-winning shorts, but also some of his own favorites, including one not previously published.

They are stories filled with emotion, creativity, and beautiful prose. And all will require a degree of contemplation–these are not simple stories, as they are filled with multiple layers of character, situation, and setting. Each is worth thinking about what Liu is trying to say. It’s these very qualities that makes this anthology worth reading. (more…)

Picture 2I love the art of the short story, and always have. I’ve written a few myself, much to the conspicuous delight of mostly bored teachers and professors, leading me to believe I had “it” and would someday write something really fabulous. But in the real world, the “it” factor is oh-so-rare. I am happy to say that several of the stories in this anthology have at least a spark of brilliance and, in several cases, more than just a spark. Just look at the gorgeous cover art, hinting at the awesome content within! (more…)

Giveaway: Writers of the Future, Vol. 31

Posted: May 11, 2015 by Vanessa in Giveaways

wotf copy

Updated 5/11/2015: Tomas D. of Houston, Texas is our winner. Congratulations! Your book will be sent out soon!

The publishers have generously provided a copy of this year’s WRITERS OF THE FUTURE, which is released today.

To enter the giveaway:

1. Email us at
2. Include the following in the subject line: Writers of the Future Giveaway
3. In the body of the email include your name and address.

The giveaway ends midnight (MST) on May 10th. The winner will be posted on Monday, May 11th. Good luck and May the 4th be with you!

Be sure to check out Dan’s review being posted today, as well!

wotf copyWriters of the Future is quite easily one of, if not the, most prestigious contests in the world for speculative short fiction. The contest runs each quarter of the year, with the top three stories in the bunch being awarded with publication in the anthology, a place-dependent cash prize, royalties on the anthology they are published in (I believe), and a free week-long writing retreat with all of the new authors published in the anthology being taught by a large cadre of impressive, published authors. It’s no small thing, this “little” contest. If you’re a new writer, you should absolutely be starting off by sending your short stories there. Start at the top, I always say. Don’t short-change yourself by starting anywhere else. If you’re not a new writer though, and you find yourself picking this anthology up, you can be sure to find lots of interesting Science Fiction to satiate your palette.