Past Reviewers

Shawn Boyles

Shawn’s Reviews

Shawn is an avid reader as well as a concept artist for a video game company making him instantly the coolest guy you have ever met, or even read about (well, except the main EBR guys…yes, we still edit here). He is a voracious reader of anything he can get his hands on, and has the immediate knack of knowing if a book is good or not when he reads it. Those close friends of his often reserve judgment on books they have read until they hear what Shawn tells them what they should think. He is extremely attractive and often has to fend off women and small woodland creatures that follow him around.

Favorite Authors: Vernor Vinge, Cathrynne M. Valente, China Miéville, Daniel Abraham, James S.A. Corey

Alan Bahr

Alan’s Reviews

A lifelong reader, having started with the Chronicles of Narnia at a very young age. A film noir aficionado, jazz lover, and professional geek, Alan loves heroic fantasy and the idea of heroes, especially in stories and fairy tales. Alan is a roleplaying game developer, and you can find out what he’s up to at

Favorite Authors: David Gemmell,  C.S. Lewis, Robert Jordan, Adrian Tchaikovsky, Peter Orullian, Brian McClellan, and Tolkien (of course).

Nick Sharps (criticaluniverse)

Nick’s Reviews

Nick is an Advertising Major and book connoisseur. His private library is in a state of constant flux as he lends books to his ungrateful friends who rarely return them. He is also a music and video game enthusiast though literature remains his one true love. Nick is frequently labeled a critic by his family and peers, making Elitist Book Reviews the perfect place to voice his brutally honest opinion.

Favorite Authors: John Ringo, Larry Correia, Joe Abercrombie, Dan Abnett

Nick “Slamel” Dianatkah – A co-founder of EBR.

Favorite Authors: R. Scott Bakker, Joe Abercrombie, Scott Lynch, George R. R. Martin, J.V. Jones

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