Elitist University

Elitist University

Here is a central location for all of the courses in the Fantasy genre.

FANTASY 101: An introductory course on a few choices for books to enter the genre. We disagree on the best approach, but that works out better for you since you get two different, but equally viable options.

FANTASY 102: A very brief selection of other subgenres in the Fantasy section of speculative fiction. We recommend a number of YA, Steampunk, or Urban Fantasy here.

FANTASY 201: 6 books that we think you should absolutely read to further your fantasy book education. And what we think is law.

FANTASY 202: Primarily a step into the Horror genre, and a small explanation of what exactly the horror part of the fantasy genre is.

FANTASY 301: This is where the learning curve jumps, but where the reward is the greatest. These are our favorite books in the genre. Period.


Here are our listings for our courses in the subject of Science Fiction:

SCIENCE FICTION 101: Hey, everyone has to start somewhere right? Even the most anti-SF people will have a shot of enjoying these entry level novels.



Elitist Classics–Part 1: The Fantasy genre owes a debt to these authors and works. 6 influential picks that paved the road for today’s works.

Elitist Classics–Part 2: Mystery & Horror are far more important than anyone cares to admit. Just look at these authors!

Elitist Classics–Part 3: Science Fiction & Steampunk. Imagining the future, that is what these literary giants did. Classics one and all.


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