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The Swordbearer

Posted: August 17, 2009 by Alan in Books that are Mediocre Meta: Glen Cook, Fantasy
The Swordbearer

THE RETURN OF THE BLACK COMPANY (With Amazon), a Tor published omnibus, coming next month we thought we should get some Glen Cook on the site in preparation.
THE SWORDBEARER is one of a number of Glen Cook’s earlier works that is being reprinted by Nightshade Books. It was written, originally, in 1982 and showcases a lot of the themes and ideas that would later be used in what we, and many others, consider one of the greatest entries into the military fantasy genre, THE BLACK COMPANY.
As per Glen Cook’s usual, THE SWORDBEARER is a fast-paced, action-packed tale. It follows a somewhat traditional fantasy story, with a magical sword taking center stage in the hands of a boy protagonist, Gathrid. The writing is very indicative of the genre in the ’80s. For readers today, this book does nothing groundbreaking. Many of the familiar fantasy tropes are present and there are more than a handful cliches tossed about.
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