Review: Kitty Saves the World

Posted: August 18, 2015 by in Books We Like (4/5 single_star) Meta: Carrie Vaughn, Urban Fantasy

There’s something so incredibly satisfying about reaching the end of a great series. Fourteen books (and a few short stories) of Kitty, Cormac, Ben, et al. We’ve come to know and love these people, their friends, and the work they do for the greater good. And now they have to try to save the world.

Kitty knows that people think she’s crazy. Two books ago in KITTY STEALS THE SHOW (EBR Review), she announced to the world the vampire Roman’s conspiracy to cause mayhem and destruction. Not many people believe her. Roman’s been recruiting, but mostly the kind of people who like to stay under the radar–and cause Kitty trouble. It’s the people who believe her that matter, and as things heat up it’s the old friends who come out of the woodwork to give Kitty the support she needs. And the result is a team of pure awesomeness!

Kitty runs around like she usually does, feeling like she has absolutely no control of what’s going on, everything is falling apart, and she’s barely hanging on by the skin of her teeth. But we all know her pretty well by now, right? And we know that even when things get hard–like losing her pack, her bar set on fire, and the unhelpfulness of the local vampire leader–that Kitty never gives up. That’s why he love her, and think she would totally make a great friend.

And sincerely hope that by the end of her trials she gets what she deserves: happiness.

There's something incredibly satisfying about the end of a great series. KITTY SAVES THE WORLD is the culmination of a lot of story. Don't miss any of it.

Along for the ride are the usuals, including her husband Ben–I love their amazing relationship, how they support each other. Cormac and his “companion” Amelia, whom we also like despite their failings. It’s most fun to see the old friends come to Kitty when she needs them the most. These are the friends she’s met along the way in her various adventures. They’ve helped her learn who she really is, and Kitty knows this.

As with previous books the story moves quickly, even if sometimes they lead in a direction that suspends belief a little (including an appearance by one evil dude), but that’s what makes the books fun–their unpredictability. By this point we’re firmly established in Kitty’s world of the paranormal; but even now we learn a few new things about the vampires in her town, about Amelia’s magic, and that there’s still more to this world than even Kitty knows.

However, this time the book ends with an extended wrap-up that will give long-time readers weepy glees. Because Kitty deserves it.

  • Recommended Age: 16+
  • Language: A handful
  • Violence: A few intense battles
  • Sex: A few brief scenes

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