Book Ratings Breakdown

Book Ratings Breakdown

This page gives a quick comparison across all of the ratings we’ve ever given to books on this site over the years. We figure, the more information our readers have about us and our methods, the better. In this case, the thought is that being able to see the distribution of how our ratings stack up might lend some credence to the concept that the reviews we post on the site are our honest opinions, and that we’re not doing this “just for the attention” (which we absolutely expect), or for “more ad revenue” (which we purposefully don’t use), or to draw attention to books that don’t outright deserve the attention.

This somewhat implies that there are other establishments out on the interwebz that might try to do this review thing for one of those reasons, or for the growth of some other personal benefit to themselves, monetary or otherwise. There are lots of sites that do this gig for the exact same reasons we do, and we absolutely appreciate each and every one of them. We don’t necessarily have a specific opinion on which side of that argument each possible review team out there lands on, but it does make us stop and go hummmm every once in a great while. At the very least, it would be an interesting experiment to see just what kind of breakdown other review sites have. In fact, we’d encourage all of them to do the same as we’ve done here.

We’ve also been told, occasionally, that we’re pretty critical. We’ll take that. Overly critical though? Nah. We expect good things from every single book we read — whether that’s a traditionally published novel or self-published short, it matters not. We like to think we know what makes a good story. We definitely know what we like. And what we don’t. This little graph we’ve put together seems to indicate that overall, we’re a pretty positive group, and that’s a good thing to see.

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