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Posted: April 10, 2018 in News

And we’re off! Yeah, okay, so this is likely going to take a while. I’m hoping not more than the week, but I don’t do this book-review stuff full time (no one here does) and so it’s going to come as it comes because I only have so much free time and my heart needs its beauty sleep these days.

Once the whole transition to the new site is complete, We will post an official announcement of it. Until that point, you may find yourself at either site version, somewhere in-between, or even at a page that says “This website is insecure!”. Just know that I’m busy getting everything to work out completely, and we won’t need any feedback about stuff that “looks or acts broken” until after that official post. Also, any comments you may try to make could potentially be lost in the shuffle-kerfuffle. You’ve been warned.

Ah, and you might have noticed that I’m mostly just talking directly at you this time around, instead of talking in the royal We-speak of the EBR Gods. Guy at work called me out on my last post. Said it was funny to hear me talk about myself in the third person. So, this is what you get now. I guess this post is, after all, just me announcing the website work to now be in progress, and I don’t know that I’m necessarily uber Elite at doing websites as much as We are at giving our opinions of books. 🙂 Guess we’ll find out. Definitely better than the developers that put together the WordPress theme we were using before the move…

See you all on the flip side.

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