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Ash and Silver

Posted: November 26, 2015 by Vanessa in Books We Love Tags: Carol Berg, Fantasy
Ash and Silver

I’ve been waiting anxiously after the events of DUST AND LIGHT (EBR review) to continue the series, and finally I can know what happened to Lucian in ASH AND SILVER.

Turns out that his struggles in DUST were just the beginning.
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Dust and Light

Posted: September 26, 2014 by Vanessa in Books We Like Tags: Carol Berg, Fantasy

Lucian de Remeni-Masson is convinced it was his indiscretion that lead to the death of his entire family. As a pure-blood sorcerer he is forbidden to even talk to ordinaries–those who have no magic–much less allow one to see him unmasked or perform magic, yet he did.

Years have passed since his college dalliance, but he still fears he hasn’t completely escaped the consequences and finds himself at the mercy of the Pureblood Registry. Despite good behavior and hard work using his talent for magically created portraits, he is contracted to work for a mere coroner drawing the corpses of ordinaries whose identities are unknown. Lucian fears his fortunes have sunk so low that he may never find favor in the eyes of the Registry again.

But it is while drawing the dead that Lucian begins to uncover abilities he thought he’d lost, and as a result the past begins to unfold a narrative that is much more complicated than he anticipated.Read the rest of this review »


The Daemon Prism

Posted: January 31, 2012 by Vanessa in Books We Love Tags: Carol Berg, Fantasy

I’ve been looking forward to reading THE DAEMON PRISM since reading THE SOUL MIRROR in May. I had no clue what to expect, or where Carol Berg was going with the story. After the stunning climax in MIRROR, what else could happen? As it turns out, there’s an even bigger plot we haven’t discovered yet.Read the rest of this review »


The Soul Mirror

Posted: May 18, 2011 by Vanessa in Books We Love Tags: Carol Berg, Fantasy

Magic is not what it used to be. Now it’s less potent. It’s less reliable. Fewer people can use it. As a result science has gained popularity and the people of Sabria are experiencing a Renaissance.

But the Aspirant wants to change all that—and he will resort to murder to get what he wants.

The story began in Carol Berg‘s THE SPIRIT LENS, a fantasy whodunit told from the viewpoint of Portier, cousin to the king, and charged with finding the source of a failed assassination plot. It unravels into a mystery beyond a simple murder attempt and into full-blown conspiracy, with the king’s bosom friend Michael de Vernase as the suspected instigator.Read the rest of this review »


Flesh and Spirit

Posted: October 5, 2009 by Alan in Books We Don't Like Tags: Carol Berg, Fantasy

It was in 2008 that Carol Berg‘s FLESH AND SPIRIT was published, so it has had some shelf time, like a few other books we have reviewed. We have received quite a large number of emails requesting a review of this book (and it’s sequel BREATH AND BONE), and since we do aim to please, here it is.

Anyone who has read Carol Berg before, knows that she is pretty dang good at what she does, and has written some great books. So we picked up this first half of the series without much hesitation, and cracked it open.Read the rest of this review »