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Interview with Gallant Knight Games

Posted: May 10, 2016 in Interview Tags: Alan Bahr, RPGs
Interview with Gallant Knight Games

Game design is fascinating to me. Board games, video games, and especially roleplaying games. As it happens, one of our resident reviewers here at EBR, Alan Bahr, is also a game designer. He was the designer for the Schlock Mercenary RPG, PLANET MERCENARY, which was absurdly successful on Kickstarter. And now, his most recent game, TINY FRONTIERS, is on Kickstarter.

I figured I’d ask Alan to give all of us some insight on his company, Gallant Knight Games, and on his game, TINY FRONTIERS. So. Here we go.
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The Sleeping King

Posted: December 3, 2015 by Alan in Books We Hate Tags: Alan Bahr, Bill Flippin, Cindy Dees, Fantasy
The Sleeping King

I can’t recall a time that I encountered a fantasy novel I didn’t enjoy on some level. Congratulations THE SLEEPING KING, you got that award. How can I best describe this book? I know! A poem!

“Oh Sleeping King,
How thy premise intrigued me,
but upon inspection of the thing,
this heart screamed to flee.
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