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The Grave of Empires — #1

Seven Blades in Black

Posted: April 9, 2019 by Jane Funk in Books We Like Meta: Sam Sykes, Fantasy
Seven Blades in Black

SEVEN BLADES IN BLACK (Amazon) is Sam Sykes’ newest novel and the start of a new series, THE GRAVE OF EMPIRES. I’ve seen it described as “action fantasy,” which I guess is fantasy but with more punching? While there’s plenty of punching (and shooting and eviscerating) in SEVEN BLADES, what makes it memorable is that at every turn Sykes seems to be asking “how could this be even more awesome?” and then delivering. The result is break-neck chase scenes on ostriches, riverboats full of assassins, unspeakable monsters, souped-up magical fights, and a lot of poor decision making.

You could call it action fantasy.

Or you could call it a lot of fun.
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The Grave of Empires — #2

Ten Arrows of Iron

Amazon (Coming Aug 2020)