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Inheritance — #1

The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms

Posted: September 9, 2011 by Vanessa in Books We Love Meta: N.K. Jemisin, Fantasy
The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms

Yes, I know, this review comes a little late. After its being nominated for a Hugo. After it being out for over a year. Despite this, I’m still glad I’m the one who gets to review it. Yay me!

It’s probably a good thing that it is me, because while it’s impossible to deny the EBR Overlords’ discriminating tastes in the Speculative Fiction literary world–because, well, they are always right–even they will pass on a perfectly good book because it simply doesn’t appeal to them, or they just don’t have time. They can be quite benevolent that way. Again, yay me!
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Inheritance — #2

The Broken Kingdoms

Inheritance — #3

The Kingdom of Gods