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Felix Castor — #1

The Devil You Know

Posted: October 9, 2009 by Steven in Books We Like Meta: Mike Carey, Urban Fantasy
The Devil You Know

Remember when we said we found a few new series? This is another one of them. And it came with our friend, Tom Lloyd’s recommendation. We know right? How could we NOT start this series up?!

THE DEVIL YOU KNOW by Mike Carey (Amazon) is an Urban Fantasy that you will mostly likely find shelved in the horror section of your local bookstore. It is about an exorcist, Felix Castor, who is looking to get out of the game, but predictably takes one last job. That job is a haunting of a museum in London. Obviously, things go to hell in a hand-basket. Quite literally actually. Demon’s and all that.
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Felix Castor — #2

Vicious Circle

Felix Castor — #3

Dead Men's Boots

Felix Castor — #4

Thicker Than Water

Felix Castor — #5

The Naming of the Beasts