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Giveaway: Robot Universe

Posted: January 18, 2016 in Giveaways Tags: Ana Matronic
Giveaway: Robot Universe

Update 1/18/16: Congratulations to our winner Simon K. from Florida! Your book will be sent out soon.

ROBOT UNIVERSE is exactly what it sounds like: a big, awesome book about robots. Pretty enough for your coffee table, its two-page spreads with great pictures and informative topic blurbs is perfect for perusing. Ana Matronic (yes, that’s her stage name) covers everything from pop culture, to robots in literature, how they influence fashion, and even present-day technology. Until I flipped through this book I hadn’t understood how much and how long robots have permeated our culture (one entry is Master Yan Shi’s Mechanical Man from 400 BCE). Ana’s commentary is informative, amusing, and surprisingly unfluffy.
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