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Toxic City — #1

London Eye

Posted: October 5, 2012 by Steven in Books that are Mediocre Meta: Tim Lebbon, Urban Fantasy, Young Adult
London Eye

My first introduction to Tim Lebbon was in the SWORDS & DARK MAGIC anthology (EBR Review) a while back. In a collection of stories full of absolute WIN, Tim Lebbon’s “The Deification of Dal Bamore” was one of the best. After that I read ECHO CITY (EBR Review) and was similarly impressed. Lebbon’s ability to write Horror the way Miéville writes Weird Fiction is astounding.

And then I heard Lebbon was going to write a YA novel, and it would be published through Pyr SF&F. Holy anticipation, Batman!
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Toxic City — #2

Reaper's Legacy

Toxic City — #3