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Eyes to See

Posted: March 6, 2012 by Writer Dan in Books We Like Meta: Joseph Nassise, Urban Fantasy
Eyes to See

Anyone looking for some more Dresden-ish stuff? PI with a dark past stalking the urban fantastical with ghosties and ghoulies galore to entertain? Sound interesting? I’m sure to some of you it will. In all honesty, I’ve only ever read the first two Dresen novels–yes, you will probably throw things at me for this. Just please avoid tomatoes as I might be violently allergic–but I did enjoy them both, and although the Dresden books are a bit better, I think I can easily throw this book in with those without a second thought.

EYES TO SEE (Amazon) is by no means Joseph Nassise’s first novel–he has something like twelve others under his belt. This is, however, his first novel with Tor, and is a pretty good showing overall.
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Jeremiah Hunt — #2

King of the Dead

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Watcher of the Dark