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Dead Enders — #1

The Fortress in Orion

Posted: February 19, 2016 by Writer Dan in Books We Hate Meta: Mike Resnick, Science Fiction
The Fortress in Orion

I’d missed this book in the lineup of new Science Fiction, and honestly hadn’t thought to look, but was reminded about it when the second book in this series showed up in a new batch of books to read. The relatively short page count and the fact that it was only number two in the series prompted me to pick up this book first so that I wouldn’t be ignorant going into number two. As it turns out though, I needn’t have worried overly much. By way of resurrecting an old review method of mine, here is this book in ten words:

Military man and operatives waltz through mission to supplant dictator.

Immediately after reading it, I read the first few chapters of book two, and I’m having a very difficult time believing that the first eight words of that book’s ten-word summary wouldn’t be identical. Setting that opinion aside for now though, here’s the skinny on this one.
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Dead Enders — #2

The Prison in Antares

Dead Enders — #3

The Castle in Cassiopeia