Book Series :: Clockwork Dagger

Clockwork Dagger — #1

Wings of Sorrow and Bone

Posted: April 13, 2016 by Vanessa in Books We Like Meta: Beth Cato, Steampunk, Young Adult, Short Fiction
Wings of Sorrow and Bone

Rivka loves machines, but she’s a girl in a man’s world. She’s moved to the city to be with her grandmother, whose social circle involves the rich and famous. During a social event, Rivka makes a new friend, Tatiana, and as mischievous girls are wont to do, they find themselves somewhere they don’t belong–in this case it’s a basement room. It’s not any basement room, however. Owner of said basement, Mr. Cody, is financing the creation of a chimera from mechanical parts and pieces of recently living gremlins.
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