Kickstarter: Gamut Magazine

Posted: February 26, 2016 by Steven Diamond in Kickstarters
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I come bearing tidings of a new, amazing Kickstarter campaign. This one should interest readers and authors alike.

Gamut Magazine. From the text of the Kickstarter: “Gamut will be a website (and eBook) with a wide range of voices—genre-bending stories utilizing the best of genre and literary fiction.

This e-zine will feature and publish fiction and non-fiction in the genres of Fantasy, SF, Horror…and, well, everything. As the head of this proposed magazine, Richard Thomas (a true professional), says, “Anything done with innovation, heart and emotion—that’s what I want. Everything I enjoy reading and writing typically leans toward the dark side, but I have been known to embrace lighter work, and humor, now and then. It just has to MOVE me. And I like to be surprised.

This is a subscription based magazine–featuring over 400K words a year of fiction/non-fiction–and through the Kickstarter you can purchase a year’s subscription for only $30. The price of 1 hardback. This is half-off the price of the subscription.

Are you a reader? Then this is definitely something you want to pick up to read. The collection of fiction already lined up here is incredible.

Are you an author? Then you want to subscribe so you know what Richard Thomas and his editors like so you can SUBMIT to them at some point. I’ll be frank, here. As an author, I desperately want to contribute to this magazine. I want the editors there to edit my work. You should too.

So get on it.

There are only 4 days left, and they are nearly at their funding goal to make this magazine a reality. MAKE THIS HAPPEN.

Here’s you link to the Kickstarter campaign:



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