The Baen Big Book of Monsters

Posted: October 21, 2014 in External Promotion
The Baen Big Book of Monsters

For our current book spotlight, I’m going big. It’s hard not to love stories about giant monsters. Seeing this recent rekindling of interest in them has made me a very happy man. THE BAEN BIG BOOK OF MONSTERS (Amazon), edited by Hank Davis, is a terrific anthology that collects a bunch of classic giant monster stories from legends in the fields of speculative fiction and adds in a handful of new stories from current authors like Larry Correia, Sarah Hoyt… and Steven Diamond.

Wait, what? Maybe you are wondering if you read that right.

You totally did.

That’s me, baby. I managed to get accepted into this anthology. I’m super excited.

What this means is that I can’t review the collection. I’ll have someone else here at EBR do that eventually. But I couldn’t help but draw attention to this anthology. I’ve had a number of stories published in small press anthologies, but this is my first published large press story. It’s a big huge deal to me. And since I have a measure of control over EBR, I’m totally going to abuse it for a bit.

In all seriousness, I’m extremely proud of my story, and I’m beyond thrilled to have been added to the Table of Contents. Just go look at who is there. Holy crap, but it’s still a bit surreal to me. Hopefully those of you that read the collection feel that I’ve added to its awesomeness. If not, well, the rest of the anthology is absolutely killer. And I must say, working with the folks at Baen was a pleasure.

So yeah. Go grab it. Tell me what you think.


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