GIVEAWAY: The Widow’s House and The Crimson Campaign

Posted: July 5, 2014 in Giveaways

UPDATE: Thanks to all those that entered! There were a lot more of you than we anticipated… Pretty sure that speaks more to the awesomeness of Brian McClellan and Daniel Abraham than to us here at EBR…

…oh who am I kidding. This was because of us!

Here are the winners:
THE WIDOW’S HOUSE (when released) – Joel Prinster

Congrats to the winners! And a HUGE thank you to Orbit for letting us give these novels away!

That’s right! Lady elitists and gentleman elitists, step right up!

So, how awesome is Orbit these days? Answer: completely. They put out some of the best quality fiction on the market, and a number of my favorite authors write for them. There are two novels that I cannot wait to read and review, and you all should be feeling the same.

And Orbit is kindly letting Elitist Book Reviews give a copy of each of those away.

Yeah, baby.

Before I tell you the books, here are the rules:
1) Email us at the web address on the blog.
2) Put “Orbit Giveaway” as the subject line.
3) In the body of the email, put which of the two novels you want, and why.
4) USA entries only.
5) Love EBR for the rest of your life.

Pretty simple.

So here are the novels:

THE WIDOW’S HOUSE, by Daniel Abraham. If you haven’t been reading this series, I encourage you to stop everything (unless you are driving. If that’s the case, what are you doing checking the internet WHILE DRIVING!?). I love these novels more than just about anything  being put out these days.

THE CRIMSON CAMPAIGN, by Brian McClellan. Brian is a good friend of mine, and his novels are excellent. My biggest nomination disappointment this year was that he wasn’t nominated for the Campbell Award. But hey, he won a Gemmell. Seems like the better deal.

Contest ends next week, on July 8th.

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