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The title AIRSHIPS OF CAMELOT pretty much gives away what this book is: a King Arthur and steampunk mashup. Usually I’d hesitate reading something like this, but since it was written by Robison Wells of VARIANT fame I was actually excited.

Turns out it’s a really fun read.



Did you read VARIANT by Robison Wells? If you answer, “Yes” then by all means read on. If you answer, “No” then STOP. Just stop. Go on Amazon and buy a copy, read it, and then you can come back to browse this review. VARIANT is one of the best YA books of 2011, far superior to the YA fiction behemoth that is THE HUNGER GAMES in my not-so-humble opinion. Now here is the highly anticipated sequel, FEEDBACK. I’m going to try and give away as few spoilers as possible but if you haven’t read the first book please check out our review of VARIANT here instead of continuing on. (more…)

Ever since we started this lovely little blog we’ve found our horizons broadened. Out of necessity–and due to our unwavering commitment to be being completely awesome–we read a pretty much everything that is sent to us. If we had to point at one area where our appreciation has grown significantly, it would be with YA novels.

That brings us to Robison Wells and his first major novel, VARIANT. It is completely awesome. Why? Because we said so. (more…)