Well. Something new just popped up on Kickstarter. Have I said how much I love Kickstarter? It’s one of the best things to happen to the short-fiction market since…ever.

You know what else I love? I love assassin stories. Stories about thieves and rogues. You all know this. So over on Kickstarter is a new anthology from the awesome folks at Ragnarok Publications. This anthology goes by the title, BLACKGUARDS. All original fiction about assassins, mercs, and rogues. The list of authors is pretty awesome: Mark Lawrence, Carol Berg, John Gwynne, Django Wexler, etc, etc… Super awesome.

The Kickstarter campaign for it has been live for less than a day, and already they are closing in on 50% funded. But here is the main thing I know about Ragnarok Pub:

They are reliable.

When they say they are putting something together, they do it. They’ve done it before. Good folks. Reliable folks. Seriously, go support this Kickstarter. $10 gets you a copy. Of course, I’m in for a hardback ($35). Because I’m a sucker for hardbacks. And I want to support what Ragnarok is doing. You should too.

Here is the link to the Kickstarter: