WriterDan EBR

Dan spent nine years as a graduate student in the esoteric art of rocket science simulation, spending his days beating his computer to a pulp and gnashing his teeth through copious mounds of technical publications. Nights were split between more of the same and/or writing his own fantasy fiction. He never slept. Thankfully, those days are over. He now works as the lead web developer for a relatively small multi-million dollar company, and is the father of four perfect children that all want to grow up to be just like him: tall, brilliant, and ridiculously good-looking.

Reading awesome books has filled his down time (and sometimes too much of his up time) since he was very young, with a focus on well-written works of old and new masters. He has little patience for poor writing, weak characters, or plots that don’t grab by the throat, the heart, or the funny bone. When found in public, he will usually be seen weaving through the masses with his face nose-deep into his most recent read. Yes, he’s just that good.

He’s been around EBR since 2010.

Favorite Authors: Daniel Abraham, Steven Erikson, Mark Hodder, Joe Abercrombie, Alastair Reynolds, Robert Jordan, KJ Parker