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The Engineer — #1

Devices and Desires

Posted: August 19, 2009 by Alan in Books that are Mediocre Meta: K.J. Parker, Fantasy
Devices and Desires

The first thing that comes to mind to mention for K.J. Parker’s first entry into her Engineer Trilogy, DEVICES AND DESIRES (Amazon), is that the author knows how to do her research. There are very technical descriptions for nearly everything in the novel, and it really lends a lot of credibility to both the story and the writer. However it isn’t without drawbacks.

We will get to those later though; let’s do like we were taught and focus on the positive. The book was interesting and the plot is engaging. Most of the character’s exploits are fun to read, with a few exceptions. The plot is also laden with political intrigue and it plays out remarkably well.

OK, we did our job as reviewers and at least acknowledged the good.
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The Engineer — #2

Evil for Evil

The Engineer — #3

The Escapement