Book Series :: Sabina Kane

Sabina Kane — #1

Red-Headed Stepchild

Sabina Kane — #2

The Mage In Black

The Mage In Black

She’s a “shoot first and ask questions later” half-vampire with assassin skills, trust issues, and who must learn the magic inherited from her mage father in order to unite the dark races.


If you’ve read your share of chick urban fantasy, THE MAGE IN BLACK (Amazon) is more of the same. Unfortunately, it’s not even average more of the same. Perhaps I should start with what it has going for it: straightforward storytelling and fast-paced action. What it doesn’t have going for it? Everything else.
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Sabina Kane — #3

Green-Eyed Demon

Sabina Kane — #4

Silver-Tongued Devil

Sabina Kane — #5

Blue-Blooded Vamp