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PC Peter Grant — #1

Midnight Riot

Midnight Riot

So I recently read on social media (that salacious den of way-too-accurate ads and oodles of wasted time), that Simon Pegg and Nick Frost had optioned a book series called Rivers of London by some bloke named Ben Aaronovitch (Official Announcement) for a movie. I’ve absolutely loved all of the movies from Pegg and Frost that I’ve seen, and as the book was listed as being “urban fantasy”, I thought it worth a few ticks of my progressively aging ticker.
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PC Peter Grant — #2

Moon Over Soho

PC Peter Grant — #3

Whispers Under Ground

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PC Peter Grant — #4

Broken Homes

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PC Peter Grant — #5

Foxglove Summer

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PC Peter Grant — #6

The Hanging Tree

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