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Moorehawke — #1

The Poison Throne

Posted: November 23, 2010 by Writer Dan in Books We Don't Like Meta: Celine Kiernan, Fantasy, Young Adult
The Poison Throne

To all those looking for my review of this book, I have two words for you:

talking cats


Oh, hold on, my phone’s ringing…

((beep, beep, boop, eep, eep, boop, oop))


((…ring …click))

Hey, Steve. How’s it going?


Cool. So yeah, I just finished reading that POISON THRONE (Amazon) book you guys gave me and I’m throwing a complete blank on how to write the review for it because just about nothing happened in the whole thing. I–

((wah, wah, waah?))

Yeah, really. Nothing. Well, nothing interesting anyhow.
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Moorehawke — #2

The Crowded Shadows

Moorehawke — #3

The Rebel Prince