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Posted: February 25, 2010 by Steven in Books We Love Meta: David Louis Edelman, Science Fiction

From the beginning, David Louis Edelman‘s Jump 225 Trilogy has been a pleasant surprise and change from the typical books we read. It shouldn’t really be a shocker to anyone when we say we don’t generally care for the SF genre. Authors in SF seem to take themselves too seriously. Or they really have no interest in telling a story, but they love to show how much smarter they are than the reader. Thankfully, Edelman isn’t of that pretentious school of thought.

We first heard of Edelman back in 2006 at the WorldCon in Los Angeles. His first novel, INFOQUAKE was being pushed by Pyr Editor-extraordinaire Lou Anders. Admittedly, the series didn’t seem that interesting right away. After all, who wants to read Business Cyberpunk?

After starting the series (and now having finished it), the answer was really quite simple: we want to read Business Cyberpunk, and so should you.
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