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Elves — #1

Once Walked With Gods

Posted: July 18, 2012 by Steven in Books We Love Meta: James Barclay, Fantasy
Once Walked With Gods

When I want to treat myself to a good book, or when I desperately need to forget a terrible novel that makes me want to give up on literature entirely, I find that I turn to a very, very small selection of authors.

James Barclay is pretty close to the top of that list.

You see, I know that when I pick up a Barclay novel, I won’t be disappointed. Reading Barclay is like having your favorite steak, cooked to perfection. The first book in his Elves Trilogy, ONCE WALKED WITH GODS (Amazon), is the kind of book where I can forget I’m a critic. I just get to sit down, dig in, and enjoy the hell out of it.
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Elves — #2

Rise of TaiGethen

Elves — #3

Beyond the Mists of Katura