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In this latest installment of Cat Adams’ The Blood Singer series, we begin TO DANCE WITH THE DEVIL with Celia in therapy. Her mother hates her, Celia’s grandmother doesn’t understand their animosity, all the while dealing with her own problem of being part-vampire and hunted by demons. But it’s not the therapy that lands her in the hospital. No, it’s the guys in suits who run her off the road, trash her car, and leave her on a sun-soaked beach to burn alive.

Not really the relaxing weekend she was hoping for. (more…)


Celia has been asked to be a bridesmaid at the wedding of the century: her siren cousin the princess Adrianna is marrying the king of Rusland. Celia has been chosen not simply because she’s Adrianna’s cousin, but also because the bride-to-be has already survived one attempt on her life and Celia’s bodyguard experience may just save the day.


Celia’s life hasn’t been easy since she was turned into an abomination in BLOOD SONG–not quite human, but not quite vampire, either. At the same time her siren abilities manifested, giving her supernatural skills she only wished she had in a profession (bodyguard) that needs all the advantages she can get.

Be careful what you wish for. (more…)

In BLOOD SONG, Celia was attacked by a vampire, but not turned completely. Instead she’s an “abomination”, a sort of vampire limbo, with both perks and disadvantages. She also learned that her great-grandmother is a Siren—yes, the magical variety who can sing men to their deaths—and since being bitten it appears that these traits have finally manifested for Celia. The perk: men come when she needs. The disadvantage: women hate her. (more…)

Blood Song

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Celia is in vampire limbo. She hasn’t joined the ranks of the undead, but she’s no longer human. She’s got fangs, a taste for blood, and superhuman strength; but at the same time she’s awake during the day and can withstand sunlight, holy water, and other vampire repellents.

You see, a security job for a foreign prince who wanted to enjoy the night life on a visit to L.A. turned deadly. During the chaos Celia was attacked by an old vampire—and it’s only the oldest vampires who can create new ones—but the process was interrupted. Instead of dying or being turned, Celia became what’s known in vampire circles as an abomination.

But that’s not the worst thing. Her sire plans to finish the job, and she must find and kill him before he does. (more…)