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Arctic Rising

Posted: February 13, 2015 by Writer Dan in Books that are Mediocre
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arctic copyThis one was a while in coming. I picked it up after reading Tobias Buckell’s short story compilation, Nascence, on my own because he was an author that I had often heard good things about but had never taken the opportunity to read, and because the compilation was aimed toward authors in training. The collection worked for about the first two-thirds.  The rest was reserved for different iterations of the same story that wasn’t so short and honestly kinda boring. But it was pretty decent up until that point, and I decided to give him another go.


Red Rising

Posted: February 18, 2015 by criticaluniverse in Books We Love
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redrisingI originally dismissed RED RISING by Pierce Brown because of the immense level of hype behind the debut. RED RISING was being touted as the next THE HUNGER GAMES, as it seems the majority of Young Adult novels are marketed these days. Being that I consider THE HUNGER GAMES a vastly overrated and underwhelming novel I gave RED RISING a pass. I purchased a copy several months ago on a whim, unwilling to leave the bookstore empty handed. It sat untouched and unloved near the bottom of my To Read Pile until the recent release of GOLDEN SON, book two of the trilogy. News of the sequel drew my attention back to the series and I decided to give it a shot.

I should have jumped aboard the first car of the RED RISING bandwagon when I had a chance. I absolutely devoured Pierce Brown’s debut — reading for hours at a time, even skipping dinner in order to finish the book during a frenzied four-hour reading binge. I’ve read a lot of good books lately nothing on the level of RED RISING in a long, long time. (more…)

wildernessIn 2013’s THE CROSSING (EBR review), Maryam discovered she’d been lied to her entire life. That the Apostles weren’t who they said they were and that the native women taken to the ship were being treated like slaves. Determined to escape the injustices, Maryam makes a plan, and with the help of her newfound friend Joseph they do–with two unexpected companions in tow.

Now, in INTO THE WILDERNESS, Maryam and Joseph cross the sea in search of a new home, but nothing goes according to plan.


Giveaway: The Very Best of Kate Elliot

Posted: February 23, 2015 by Vanessa in Giveaways

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Updated 2/23/2015: This giveaway is closed. Barry S from Bedford is the winner.

If you’ve read any Kate Elliot, you know she’s a versatile and creative writer. THE VERY BEST OF KATE ELLIOT is an anthology of previously published short works and one new one. We skimmed through these stories and think you’ll enjoy them.

To enter the giveaway:

1. Email us at
2. Include the following in the subject line: Kate Elliot Giveaway
3. In the body of the email include your name and address.

The winner will be posted on Monday, February  23rd, and mailed out the same day. Good luck!

Things Half In Shadow

Posted: February 25, 2015 by Steven Diamond in Books We Love
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redrisingAdding supernatural elements to Historical Fiction is one of my favorite things. I’m already a lover of history, and I can’t get enough supernatural stuff. For me, it’s a match made in heaven. From Jasper Kent to Sarah Pinborough to Robert McCammon…I love it. Alan Finn’s novel, THINGS HALF IN SHADOW, scratches that itch nicely.

drdinoMike Resnick has had a pretty good deal going here with these Weird West tales. Short books released once a year and bought like clockwork by Pyr. From what I understand, he’s moved on from this series to another Science Fiction-based one now, but still has the team from Pyr standing at the front of the queue for the next story he pumps out. In a way, I’m glad to see Resnick move on from this series; it hasn’t been my favorite, to say the least. And yet there’s a part of me that wishes that since this was possibly the last tale torn from the might-have-been lifebook of the man Doc Holliday, that it had gone out with more of a bang.


heavenqueenDevi’s life as a mercenary hasn’t led where she thought it would. In FORTUNE’S PAWN (EBR review), she had recently struck out on her own for a job that would make or break her career. Working for Caldswell on his ship Glorious Fool could potentially land her a dream job as a Devastator for the king himself.

Unfortunately, things did not go as planned on Caldswell’s ship, and in HONOR’S KNIGHT (EBR review) Devi finds herself on the run, as a carrier for the cure–or destruction–of the universe raging as a plague in her body.

But now, in HEAVEN’S QUEEN, Devi is tired of running, and with Rupert at her side, she has a chance to see her plan through. However small.